About our shirts

Our Shirts

Our Fabrics.

A dress shirt is only as good as the cloth it's cut from. We only use fabrics from the most reputable mills in Europe and Asia including Thomas Mason, Albini, Tessitura Monti and Soktas to name a few. Only the finest 100% Egyptian yarns are selected and woven into the cloth that becomes a SPIER & MACKAY shirt.

We recently started developing our own fabrics so we could get the perfect cloth and colours that were not previously available. Now these unique fabrics are only exclusive to SPIER & MACKAY. Our Oxford cloth, premium white poplin and premium white heavy twill are just some of the examples of how we're creating even more value for our customers.

Our Collars.

Our collars are legendary. Ask any of our longtime customers and they will tell you the same. Not only are the size, proportion and shape keeping with current styles our construction is second to none.

We offer an assortment of fused and unfused collars crafted with industry leading German interlining. White and Black label shirts feature our reverse fused, hand turned, 9 piece collar that stands sturdy wash after wash. Cut to form around your neck naturally for a more comfortable wear, our shirts will quickly become your wardrobe favourites.

Our Purple label shirts feature our take on the unfused collar. While remaining soft and pliable, our unfused collars will still hold their shape without a tie. You can wear them with confidence without worrying about them limping over the course of the day.

Our Construction.

We sew every shirt using single needle tailoring with at least 18 stitches per inch. This allows for incredibly strong and visually beautiful seams.

This type of sewing is usually reserved for very high end dress shirts as it requires both more time and more experienced tailors to execute. Often this results in a more expensive shirt.

Making a shirt the way it supposed to be made and not compromising on quality is how we create even more great value for our customers.

Pattern Matching.

A true dying artform of Off-the-Rack shirts. Our patterns match across all major connection points creating a seamless flow across the shirt.

The yoke and sleevehead, sleeve gauntlet, front placket and split yoke all are pattern matched for a more visually striking garment.

Split Yokes.

Another feature that is only found on very high end or custom shirts is a split yoke. Cut on the bias this allows the fabric to flex across the shoulders offering greater comfort and movement.

More costly to execute, most Off-the-Rack shirt makers have opted to omit this detail.


We strongly believe that the right button can make or break the shirt. We only use White Australian Mother of Pearl buttons on all our Purple Label shirts. The beautiful rainbow effect of the pearl truly makes the shirt sparkle with luxury.

For all our White and Black label shirts we use a pure white natural river shell. The porcelain look of these buttons add the right amount of richness and shine that is superior to any plastic.

The Gusset.

Our seams are reinforced with a triangle shaped gusset. This adds strength at one of the major stress points on the shirt.

You can rest assured that these shirts are designed to last wash after wash after wash.

Removable Collar Stays.

All of our dress shirts come with removable collar stays.

Removable stays tend to be slightly stiffer than their sewn in counterparts, allowing for better structure to the collars. In addition, as they are removed for laundering they won't leave an outline in the collar when pressed.