About our suits

Our Suits

Our Fabrics.

To make the best suits, you have to use the best fabrics. We've partnered with the top Mills in Europe and Asia to bring to you a truly luxury experience.

Our suits and sportcoats are crafted from cloth by Dino Filarte, Guabello, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Angelico, E Thomas and Zignone to name a few. We spare no expense to secure the highest quality cloth to make the absolute best garments we can.

Half Canvas.

All our Off-the-Rack suits and sportcoats feature a lightweight half canvas construction.

This allows for a superior drape, a better more comfortable fit and for a beautifully executed lapel roll. The difference versus a fused garment is noticeable.

Our canvas is made with genuine horsehair and sourced directly from Italy. It's lightweight and has excellent flexibility and recovery. You can be assured that for the life of the suit, you will always look and feel your best.

Bemberg Lining.

All our lined and partially lined suits feature 100% Japanese sourced Bemberg. Bemberg is by far the most superior lining available today. It's strong, lightweight and most importantly, breathable.

Great wool breathes and so too must the lining. For the ultimate in comfort, we don't spare any expense.

Shoulder Construction.

When it comes to a great fit it's all about the shoulders.

All our traditional suits are made with a soft natural shoulder with light padding. This gives you a great natural drape with a smooth shoulder line.

All our sportcoats are constructed with a Neapolitan style "spalla camicia" (shown) also known as a shirt style shoulder. This is completely unpadded allowing for increased comfort, greater range of motion and an overall relaxed European look.

Horn Buttons.

All our suits feature genuine horn buttons. No synthetic button can capture the richness and nuance of the real thing.

Quality matters. Quality is perceptible and plastic buttons just won't cut it on our suits.

Demi Luna Stitches.

It's the small details that set apart the good from the great.

All our suits feature Demi Luna (Half Moon) stitches on the pockets. This adds both strength to the pocket and a subtle design flair that indicates that no detail was overlooked and the quality of your garment is assured.

Details matter.

Sous Bras.

Generally only found on very high end suits, all our suits feature a Sous Bras or underarm shield.

This extra piece of fabric helps protect your suit from sweat and results in better comfort and a longer life for your suit.

Details matter.


An often overlooked detail is the undercollar of the suit jacket.

It's more than just having a fancy colour hiding under there. The construction of it is crucial for the collar to lay flat and help create a proper lapel roll. If constructed properly, it will have a thin layer of canvas or linen sandwiched between the collar felt and the upper cloth.  This can be confirmed by that extra stitch you can see running in the middle of the undercollar.

This ensures your suit will always behave the way it should and keep you looking at the top of your game.