About us

We were founded on the belief that a great fit and high quality don't have to have to be a luxury.

Why does great fitting, high quality menswear cost so much? The truth is it doesn't have to. Bloated distribution models, unnecessary markups and greedy profit margins all lead to artificially inflated prices. Like you, we appreciate a great fit, subtle details and overall better quality of luxury garments, but can't justify their high cost.

Our goal when we started SPIER & MACKAY was clear. Disrupt the broken, traditional menswear model and really deliver an exceptional value and great experience to our customers.

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Our Story

Our journey began in 2004 during a chance trip to a south asian textile market. We were astonished to find that we could directly purchase top quality dress shirt cloth from renowned European and Asian Mills at wholesale prices. We could then take this cloth and have a luxury custom shirt handmade for us by local tailors. All of this was done at a fraction of the cost we would normally spend for a poorly fitting, mediocre quality Off-the-Rack Shirt back in Canada.

That was the Eureka moment. Men have been paying too much and getting too little in return. Major brands and retailers control the menswear market and keep prices artificially high. It was possible to produce and deliver the same high quality dress shirts at a fraction of the price. By bypassing the middlemen and delivering the products directly to you, you can get the same (or in many cases, better) fit and quality you expect from a luxury brand for a price that finally makes sense.

Fast forward to 2009 and the opportunity finally presented itself for us to pursue our dream. We spent hundreds of hours finding the right sources and partners to help in our mission. On May 5th, 2010 we opened our doors (both to our Mississauga warehouse and online) and the rest is history.

For those of you just joining us on our journey, welcome. We hope you like what we have to offer. For those of you who have been traveling with us for some time now, thank you. Our customers are our priority, more so than the products we make. Without great customers, we cannot make great products. So thank you to everyone who has made this dream a reality.

Who Are We?

We have a rich history of garment production in our blood. Our roots in the apparel business stretch back to 1971. It's what we know inside and out. Its what makes us uniquely qualified as garment manufacturers. We intimately understand textiles, patterns, construction techniques and all other aspects of what truly makes for a great fit and a quality garment.

We also have experience in fabric and accessory buying, merchandising and global logistics. This experience is what sets us apart and allows us to control our costs without compromising quality.

We have a deep seeded passion for what we do. We have a passion for fit. We have a passion for quality and we have the knowledge and experience to bring that passion to you at an incredible value.


We've built our company around three key principals: Fit, Quality and Value. Every product you purchase from SPIER & MACKAY is made with these three principals in mind. Only when we can produce a product that adheres to all three does it ever make it to our shop floor. It's that simple.


We're obsessed with fit. We continually mine our custom suit and shirt data to adjust and update our patterns every season. We won't stop until it's perfect.


Every item you purchase from SPIER & MACKAY has meticulous attention to detail. We never cut corners and only work with the best Mills and factories to ensure that our products continually beat your expectations.


Direct from our factories to you. You can experience the same great quality and fit of leading luxury designers for a fraction the price you would expect to pay. That's our promise to you.