About Us

Luxurious Handmade Mens Shirts At Unbelievable Price

Fine quality, handmade shirts are somewhat of a necessity for the modern, contemporary man. But no one needs to pay upwards of $200 for the luxury. This was the notion upon which Spier & Mackay was established.

The Eureka Moment.

In 2004, we found ourselves immersed in a culture where most men wore shirts individually tailored in small, family run shops. And they were paying only a fraction of what one would expect to pay for a top quality, branded shirt. In fact, these custom made shirts are of a higher quality than the designer brands we were familiar with. But why were those branded shirts so overpriced? We decided SPIER & MACKAY'S mission would be to offer the best quality shirts at a truly affordable price.
SPIER & MACKAY uses the same, time-honored shirt-making techniques established over a century ago by the famed Jermyn Street tailors in London, England. But our shirts sell for nearly 1/3 the price.

How do we do it?

It’s a good question with a simple answer: we make the shirts ourselves and offer them directly to you. By avoiding middle men and their drastic markups, you get true, made to measure shirts that are very affordable.

At SPIER & MACKAY, we have our own production facility. This allows us to control all of the input costs and cut out the margins associated with contract factories. Then, instead of wholesaling, we sell directly to you. Say goodbye to markups.

It’s that simple.

It’s the same model we saw being used by those tailor shops back in 2004. Be the shirt maker and the shirt seller. Today, Spier & Mackay is a family run business with the same philosophy at heart. It’s a simple idea, but it allows us to provide the finest quality made to measure shirts for less than $100.