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Bespoke Tailors Patterns

The term "Made to Measure" technically does not do our dress shirts justice.  For each new customer, we draft a new pattern specifically for them.  From Scratch.  Unlike many other online (as well as in store) shirmakers, they simply alter an existing pattern to fit correctly.  A slight adjustment here, a slight reduction there, but that is pretty much it.  Collar and Sleeve length fit well now, but the rest of the shirt is a game of averages.  That is what is typically meant by "Made to Measure",  Fast and Easy.  Cost effective.  Fits well, but not excellent.  not perfect.

We tend to think of our process as bespoke tailors - or at least the pattern process is.  As with following our traditional technique of shirt construction, so is our approach to pattern making.  No two people are alike, and neither is their pattern.  By incorporating extra information such as shoulder slope, posture and midsection we are able to draft a much more accurate pattern that accounts for the nuances of  your body proportion and makes for a truly perfect fit.  In the future if any of your proportions change, we go back to your pattern and make the necessary adjustments.  At SPIER & MACKAY, you get a shirt that was made, well, specifically for you.

Lead Time With Bespoke Tailors Patterns

Our shirts on average take 4-6 weeks from order to delivery. (Please note, this is an average timeline and not a guarantee. Circumstances can arise that impact delivery to beyond this timeline such as measurement/style confirmations, fabric substitutions, etc). Patterns are drafted from scratch, specifically for each and every new customer.  Then then masterfully cut by one of our master cutters.  To finish the process the shirt is then handed off to one of our skilled tailors who, using very traditional sewing methods expertly assembles the pieces to make a beautiful dress shirt.

We hear it many times that other companies offer shirts in as little as 2 weeks.  This may be true, but they are simply providing a "Made to Measure shirts" that they alter from an existing pattern and construct the shirt using simple assembly line production.  Skilled labour is substituted for modern machinery. Again, in the end, you may get a good shirt but not GREAT dress shirts.

First "TEST" Shirt

Have you ever ordered a set of custom shirts before, only to have all of them come back ill fitting and unsatisfactory?  We have heard this horror story too many times and are perplexed to why other dress shirt companies don't offer to do a single shirt first.  All the great bespoke tailors do and so do we.

The first time you order a custom dress shirt from SPIER & MACKAY we will always make one shirt first.  Even if you purchase multiple shirts in your first order, we prefer to make one shirt first to ensure a great fit before we proceed with the balance of the order.  This gives you the opportunity to give feedback about the fit and make sure that all your subsiquent shirts are perfect.  This is a human process after all and fit is a very personal affair.

This process is for first time customers only and only have to experience during their first order.  All subsiquent orders will be delivered in full.


First Test Shirt - Remake (Online Orders)

We aim to keep our prices very competitive and thus do not offer "FREE REMAKES" for online orders. In the rare case that the first test shirt is deemed unwearable and cannot be corrected or altered by a local tailor, we offer a remake at 50% of the original regular priced value of the shirt (Please note, this price is NOT 50% of the bundle or sale price of the shirt). The remake will incorporate all feedback/changes requested by the purchaser. In the event that the orginal cloth is no longer available, the purchaser is welcome to select from any fabric available in the original price category. If a suitable replacement cannot be found by the purchaser, then a store credit may be applied for the 50% value to be used towards a future purchase.

For online orders, we can only follow the specs and measurements provided by the customer and offer a gurantee agaist those measurements. For duplicate shirt specs we follow a tolerance of 1/4". For body measurements, we follow based on standard easing for each particular fit and allow for a tolerance of 1/4".

In the instance that the error is found to be on our part, we certainly take responsibility and remake the shirt at no charge.


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