Extraordinary value

Why Choose SPIER & MACKAY?

We strive to bring you the greatest value in menswear. We believe all men deserve to dress well and have access to great fitting, high quality clothing.


A garment at a traditional retailer can pass through four levels of distribution before it reaches the sales floor. Each level adding its own markup along the way.

Our "direct to you" model means we bypass the middlemen and avoid unnecessary markups so you can get the same luxury quality and fit, at a price that makes sense.

How We Create Extraordinary Value.


By skipping over the middlemen, we can invest more in quality fabrics and superior construction while keeping prices affordable.

Similar priced vertical retailers use inferior fabrics and construction. They create artificially high price points only to "discount" them to create the illusion of a great deal.

Similar quality vertical retailers tack on larger markups to cover expensive retail space and high profile marketing campaigns.

Similar quality luxury brands tack on enormous wholesale, distribution and retail markups.