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Your SPIER & MACKAY shirt comes equiped with an incredible collar. Sturdy yet comfortable. Stands up beautifully with or without a jacket and frames your face as perfectly. Using bespoke techinques and a slightly stiffer, brushed interlining from leading German manufacturer, Wendler, we cut the collar and reverse fuse the band so it naturally curves around your neck. This results in a strong, masculine collar that can hold its own while remaining incredibly comfortable to wear all day and prevents an unnatractive splayed collar.


Every shirt connnoisseur knows that any great shirt starts with the fabric. The ways it drapes from your shoulders and makes you look like a veteran of taste. The way the smooth and silk like cotton feels against your skin, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long. The fabric should breathe naturally and be free of any harsh chemicals and synthetic fibres. These are the reasons your SPIER & MACKAY shirt uses only the finest fabric from the most reputable mills in the world. All SPER & MACKAY dress shirts are made using 100% certified, Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton.


Very rarely are split yokes found on Off-the-Rack shirts. Even more rare are split yokes cut on the bias both outside AND inside of the shirt. The two pieces, cut on an angle allow for the fabric at the shoulders to flex gently. This makes the shirt more comfortable to wear as well as drape better. The end result: You look amazing and feel even better. The split yoke is a true detail of quality as it is more difficult and time consuming to construct. That said, we feel that when making a luxury shirt there is no compromse.


  Luxury should apply to the entire shirt and no detail should be overlooked. All SPIER & MACKAY shirts come with incredible, porcelain like, natural shell buttons. 3.2 mm thick, these buttons are strong, shatter resistant and add a dimention of quality that no synthetic can match.  Inferior quality buttons have a yellow hue to them which can look out of place, especially on a brilliant white shirt. These buttons shimmer beautifully and perfectly compliment a true luxury dress shirt.


Pattern matching, a normal practice amonst custom shirt makers, is usually only reserved for the highest end of luxury English shirtmakers. The pattern flows flawlessly from one panel of the shirt to another, such as the example of the shrirt above. You can see the sleeve and shoulder patterns are in harmony. A difficult and time consuming process that can only be pulled off by the skill of an expierienced tailor, most Off-the-Rack shirts omit this for cost savings. This is yet another detail that is not overlooked in your SPIER & MACKAY dress shirt.


A luxury dress shirt not sewn with single needle stitching is NOT a luxury dress shirt. Once again, more time consuming and costly to produce the single needle, french folded seam is both stronger and more elegant. Identified by a single row of stitches rather than the two rows typically seen on generic, lower cost counterparts. The seam has to be sewn flat, turned over on itself and sewn a second time, doubleing the time it takes to create the seam. In addition to this, we sew with a stitch density of 18-21 stitches/inch, additng another level of luxury to the construction.

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Spier & Mackay specializes in both off the rack & custom made men’s dress shirts based in Toronto & Mississauga. We aim to provide you with handmade dress shirts that fit perfectly. Customize your dress shirt online by personalizing your collar, cuffs, and adding a monogram. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from & an easy online shopping experience you can certainly design your own dress shirt that reflects your personal style.
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Spier and Mackay is recognized for its handmade dress shirts in 3 distinct fits; classic dress shirts, contemporary dress shirts, & casual dress shirts. Our popular styles include classic French cuff, contemporary French cuff, classic button cuff, contemporary button cuff, button down dress shirts and casual dress shirts with over 90 different fabrics in solid colors, stripes, twills, rich dobby textures and plaid patterns to choose from.
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